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The Many Shades of Gray

12 Nov

During this office revamp, we decided that we wanted to paint the offices a medium gray color. Who would’ve thought that picking out a (lack-of) color could be such a headache? Only after trying more samples than I’d like to admit, we almost came to the conclusion that the color gray just did not exist. Cue the Mean Girls quote. What we thought was gray, always turned out to be a blue, green or purple once it was on the walls. A true gray was important as the carpet is blue, and we did not want to feel like we were in a bubble. Our final 5 samples to choose from were Behr’s…

Dark Pewter and Antique Tin were only one shade difference and while Dark Pewter came out very blue, Antique Tin was gorgeous! Sadly, too dark for a room with no windows, so, moving on… Millennium Silver was also very pretty, but we decided that it was too blue. French Silver turned blue as well, surprise surprise, but was way too light since our goal was to make the room more cozy. Last but not least, we picked up Timber Town from the 2013 trends collection, and it was our winner! We love how it warms up the room and is a true gray.

For a little before/after action, here was the original color of the room. A light peachy pink literally straight from the 80’s.

In the end, for anyone searching for that perfect shade of gray (inner-child-giggle) my advice would be to invest a few dollars in samples and take your time! We had the colors up on the wall in various places, in various sizes, and next to our current furniture before finally deciding. We were 99% sure of a different color about 3 or 4 times before making our final decision. So, don’t always go with your first instinct. Let it sit in- because you just might change your mind for the better like we did!

I’m so happy with the outcome of our new friend, Timber Town, aka a Girly Machine Tool Gray. Behr may just need to update the name of it. Still to come in the office makeover- office reveal (we got innovative with some tables!), conference room, bathroom, kitchen, hallway and additional offices! Get excited.


Copy Cat Pt. 1

11 Jun

One of my favorite stores to walk around on a Saturday afternoon (along with what seems like the rest of Chicago’s) is Anthropologie. Luckily there is one two blocks away from my house, so whenever I need a little inspiration I can pop right on over! Unfortunately, everything is always so pretty, and always so expensive. So, when I saw a few things the last time I visited that I had to have, I decided to challenge myself to make them! First up is this adorable frame that mixes different materials, wood and glass, to give it dimension and color.

Pretty- right? So, I got to shopping. I ended up finding an oval plain wood frame at Michaels for $1!

Tip- It doesn’t come with glass, but if you have extra clear thick plastic left around, you can easily cut an oval out of it to protect the picture if you’d like!

I also picked up some wood stain, and since this was a small project, I decided on a stain pen instead of a whole can. It was very easy to use and doesn’t take up any room to store! So, using tape (I’d recommend a better type suited for painting, but, this was all I had at the time so I made it work!) I sectioned off my stripes, and planned out my pattern. I stained the wood stripes first, because wood stain bleeds into the grain of the wood…

…and then painted my first set of stripes next using leftover green and blue paints from another project. Since the paint was high gloss, it gives the illusion of glass, similar to the original Anthropologie frame.

Make sure you remove your tape before the paint dries so that you have a perfect edge. Once your first set of stripes are completely dry, you can tape off the remaining sections to fill in the gaps. Then, once all of the tape is removed and paint and stain was dry, I stained the inside and outside edges of the frame to match the wood stripes. You can also paint the edges or carry your stripes across the edges as well!

Let that dry- and ta-da! I have my $3.50 ($1 frame, $2.50 stain) frame! A couponer’s dream savings of 88%. This will go perfect in my living room redecoration project (once I put a picture in it of course) as well as a few other copy cat item’s I’ll share coming up soon : )

Scrapbook Paper Frame

18 May

Here’s a super quick and easy project that won’t break the bank for artwork! I’m a huge scrapbooking fan and have piles and piles of beautiful papers and decided that I wanted to feature them as a decoration! Each page costs less than $2 and there are hundreds of options for you to choose from. I had looked around for affordable white frames, and ended up finding plain wood 12×12 frames at my local craft store for about $8 each. All I did was paint each frame with some leftover white paint and sponge brushes from another project, and boom! I had three perfect frames to hang my scrapbook paper up with. I chose to keep it simple and let the patterns of the paper be the artwork for now, but also added in one picture from home that matches my color scheme. There are so many things you can do with this like adding embellishments to the frames, or feature a completed scrapbook page with fun memories. I’m not sure what I’m going to do next with this project, but in the meantime even the plain paper and crisp white frames look great! I’ll post again once I’m completely done with them to show the final result!