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Silver Quills

11 Sep

Now that I’m working on the east side of the state (I live about an hour west of Detroit), there are many more fun little shops and hidden-treasure-type-boutiques to explore! One of my moms personal favorites is Silver Quills. It’s a small shop that is owned by a couple who love to pick up goodies from estate and garage sales ranging from fine china, to fun dishes to crafty items. So, while shopping for items for our desks to spruce this office up a bit, we decided to stop in!

It’s definitely a store to leave your big purse in the car for, because it’s cram-packed with breakable goodness. You could literally spend hours looking through everything!

My most favorite things were the baskets of old silver silverware, buttons you could purchase by the scoop, and old keys. It’s basically a DIY crafters dream! The only creepy thing about the store- all of the pictures. I may be missing something, but I’m not quite sure why they would want pictures of deceased people from their head shots, to wedding pictures, to family get togethers, but I’m not willing to look through them or even take a picture to share because it was a bit too much for me. But- if that’s your thing- then those are here too!

Another fun thing is the amount of tea cups they have.

We both ended up walking away with one, because we’re bringing class to the machine tooling world, one cup of tea at a time.

Plus, if we wouldn’t have walked back there, I wouldn’t have noticed this plate. Who wouldn’t want a full set of Presidential dishes? Please try not to laugh. It’s a toughy : )

In the end, I ended up bringing home a small white plate, a decorative cup/bowl, and my tea cup! These will all be a part of our office makeover, which I’ll share soon as well : ) I love the cutouts on the plate, and the cup/bowl has almost a pearl effect on it and changes colors which I thought was very cool!

I’m back in Chicago all week for the IMTS show and apparently the hotel thinks having power is optional so I’ll try to shoot out a few more posts this week if they decide to keep it on! Cheers!


Road Trip Day 1: Nothin’ But Open Road

26 Jul

It’s finally here! The road trip my family has been planning for the last two months has officially begun.

We’re starting off the trip with the girls of the family, my mom, two sisters, and our puppy Ruby driving our RV through Chicago, up into Wisconsin for a quick pitstop/nap, then bringing her all the way to South Dakota in the morning to Mount Rushmore! The trip in total is 11 days, and I’ll be updating posts all along the way! :)
First up to the wheel is my mom, who is loving being the big guy on the road hence her enthusiastic honking the horn move.

I’m sitting in the co-captain chair and the girls are staying classy in the back!

We’ve even had an adventure so far. Pretty exciting. We have an empty car haul trailer in the back that had (notice the past tense) planks of wood attached to them. Ten minutes after leaving the planks were mysteriously gone and we were dragging ropes. We had to turn around and walk of shame the planks back to the RV. Told you it was riveting. That’s all the dirty deeds for now! Looking forward to nothing but open roads for the next 20 hours :)

10-4 good buddy. Over and out.

So Long Chicago

20 Jul

It’s officially here! Time certainly flies. Today is my last day of work, and Sunday I’m moving back to Michigan! Minorly in shock that it came so fast, but I’m so excited to start a new chapter in my life! I thought a fun way to say goodbye to the city in a post would be to show some fun pictures of the city as viewed from the river, from the architectural boat tour I mentioned here! Such a beautiful city- I’ll miss these views for sure! I even work in one of these lovely guys and although I will not miss all of the concrete, it will be a definite change to get used to driving and trees again. Although, I’m pretty sure it will take me all of 5 minutes to readjust : )

Cheers and enjoy!

The Root

11 Jul

Last time I was back in Michigan, my mom, sister and I had a girls day and went thrift store shopping for some tables, and then out to eat at this amazing little restaurant called The Root. My family is on a big buy local kick right now and this restaurant buys almost everything from Michigan, even making most of their drink mixes and sauces from scratch with the local ingredients. Since this was our first time, everything looked new to us already, but they do change up their menu often based on the seasons to keep it fresh and fun. Coincidentally, they’re also big on wines. Score. The food turned out to be amazingggg and we all walked away with very very full bellies. Good thing we weren’t clothes shopping!

We started off with a sparking white wine also from Michigan, I wish I remembered the name of it, but it was delicious!

We started off with some scallops, which went down so quickly that I wasn’t able to snap a picture, but just imagine the best scallops ever, and those are them.

Next, we shared some gazpacho made from green tomatoes and cucumbers. This was definitely my favorite- so tasty and refreshing! I’m going to try to make some myself it was that good : )

We then had a side salad with apples, blue cheese, the most amazing bacon I’ve ever eaten in my life, almonds, and our main dish, the pork served over seared grits. Yum. Both were absolutely delicious and were gone literally 3-5 minutes after they were put on our tables. I think the waiter was impressed at our inhailing-food-skills. Never underestimate 3 hungry ladies.

Surprisingly, we ran out of wine before our main course even came. We’re also very skilled in that department. Just so many talents. Lastly, we decided to order dessert! We had one scoop of Spicers Cider gelato (a local apple orchard), and one scoop of Raspberry Chipotle sorbet. I would go back soley for the sorbet. It was that good.

All in all, this restaurant was definitely amazing, from the food to the decor, and I look forward to going back! It was a great little afternoon out on a patio with my gal pals and I would definitely recommend it : )

Triple R Long Weekend

24 May

This weekend I took a NATOcation from Chicago to get away from the craziness and spent a long, amazing, perfect weekend with my friends and family in Michigan. I got to be involved in an amazing celebration, a Relay for Life race, with my closest girl friend to honor her amazing mother. Although staying up for 24 hours and walking for about half of them was a minor struggle, it was definitely worth it and I hope everyone has the chance to be involved in something so inspiring and rewarding. We walked, we played football and tailgate games, we ate (side note- I tried a deep fried Oreo- YUM), we laughed and we celebrated! So many good stories I could share, but one of the things I loved the most was making the luminary bags in remembrance of those who have passed on. All of these bags are placed on the outside of the track and are illuminated with a candle. The luminaries span the entire track and everyone participates in a walk at dusk. We all made a different letter to celebrate Kathleen and once it was all put together, it resembled a stained glass window and the candles looked amazing once lit!

The bleachers were also utilized and different words were formed using more candles spelling out things such as hope and cure for everyone to see throughout the night.

Another amazing part was releasing the lanterns. Everyone wrote a hello or personal message and let the lanterns go all at once! It was amazing and comforting seeing them float up into the sky and off into the night.

Before we knew it, the sun was coming up to start a new day. Good morning relay-ers : )

The rest of the weekend I spent with my family working on setting up the deck for summertime, and then taking part in a little R&R with a bottle of wine to enjoy our hard work. All of us sisters have our own Middle Sister wine and they fit us to a tee! This Drama Queen was my younger sisters bottle although she denies it : )

Top it off with a girls golfing trip and my long weekend is complete! A little snippet of my mom’s swing. Watch. Out. She means business. I almost feel bad for the golf ball.

So there was my amazing three R’s weekend: Relay, Rest & Relaxation. Cheers!