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30 Aug

What a day! Busy and stressful lately are throwing me totally off! Todays post is short and sweet. Just a little inspiration from an article on thechive.com. Hope you’re having a great day and if not- hope this helps!

I’m headed off to my first Detroit Lions game! Confession: I know nothing about them outside of a few players and how to play the actual game of football, but I’m going to pretend I do and see who I can fool. Insert evil laugh. Cheers : )


Living Room Inspiration

24 May

I’ve been slowly but surely working on my living room in my current apartment which actually serves as a living room/dining room/office/guest bedroom. Can you see my challenge? I started out with more basic colors- blues, tans and browns, then decided to add a purple accent color. But, it still needs work. I need more color. The big pieces, such as my couch and kitchen table have to stay, but accessories are up for a major change. The couch is a tan loveseat that is huge and heavy and comfy. If the Michelin man from the commercials was tan and a couch, that would be it. I’m not upset about keeping my table either. It’s from IKEA and is perfect for the space! Frosted glass top with a silver frosted frame and white plastic chairs. I’m basically hardcore in love with it.

My starting point for the project is the picture from IKEA on the inspiration board below. I have a huge empty wall that needs some lovin’. This piece is large and in-charge and will work perfect in the space! I’m thinking a few bright throw pillows in various patterns, a few taller vases in similar colors to add some height, and possibly a new rug in a neutral color such as the one below. I’m obsessed with Target and IKEA which is where almost everything below is from! I’ll need a space to store blankets and pillows which takes care of the guest bedroom problem, and maybe a place to keep my computer. A small bench could be used as a side table as well as additional seating, and some candles and curtains take care of the lighting.

So, here is my very initial project board. Bright accessories paired with neutral furniture for hopefully a very cheery, multi-functional space! I’ll let you know how the final product ends up after my shopping trip : )