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Dear Sister…

15 Nov

… Pink is pink :) I felt inspired by the good ol’ days in dressing today and thought I’d share! In the words of our little friend Megan: Hope you have a pink-a-licous day!


Blazer and necklace from Target and my favorite sparkly pink boyfriend style tank top from Top Shop.



26 Jun

Apparently I think I’m a little fashionista lately because I’ve taken retail therapy to a new level. Whether its for me or someone else, I think I’ve shopped more in the past two weeks than I have in months! I have a few big changes coming up and big things stressing me out so I let myself splurge a little bit. Bright side: the therapy is working, and I have some fun new things to share! Please refrain from laughing at the wrinkled clothing (I didn’t have time to iron them before I left for work this morning!) and my MySpace-esk pictures. Especially the ones in the mirror. Until iPhones are created with a self timer this is what I have to work with :)

My latest victim was H&M where I picked up seven pieces all for under $100 :) Slowly feeling less bad already! First, I found this tank top and necklace. I love all things bows and every girl needs some cheetah print so it was perfect! Paired with this light pink beaded necklace or “alien beads” as the checkout guy called them and my fuchsia cardigan to dress it up, and I have myself a casual work outfit!

Next, I had some fun with patterns. I spotted this cotton stretch black and white bird patterned skirt and thought it would be perfect for a little Friday-night-bar-scene outfit. I’ve also been looking for a perfect jean button up, so when I saw this light blue 3/4 length top, I decided it was a great substitute! Pair these two together as well as a necklace that was a gift, and my bar skirt just went and got all classy on me.

Following the pattern theme, I picked up a little strappy flower tank top that could be worn alone, or as a layer. Never be afraid to experiment! I thought it might be fun to mix and match patterns by putting this plaid button up from a resale shop over it for a more casual look, or it could also be worn under my Nordstroms blazer with the H&M alien beads.

Last but not least, I brought home more lace. I love the color of this shirt and the delicate detail on the top so in the bag it went. I also found these not-too-short-not-too-long black shorts that can be dressed up with heels like I’ve done (from Marshalls) or worn with flip flops for a casual look.

So there was my $100 therapy session in a nutshell, which, I just looked up the average price of an hour long meeting with a therapist because I’m crazy like that, and my excursion was definitely cheaper. New clothes are always exciting and I hope you liked them!

Flower Necklace

8 Jun

Happy Friday!! After my first jewelry making class, I’ve been thinking of ways I could make pieces at home as well, and this week I finally got my butt up and went to the craft store to look around! First, I found a large flower pendant that was fun and summery, and then ran across some light girly pastel pink beads that complimented the style I was going for. I have a lot of harsh and darker necklaces right now, so I wanted something youthful and summery that would compliment my wardrobe. I also picked up a strand of dark silver beads, some wiring, and clasps to finish the job.

I chose to work with 24 gauge beading wire because it’s thicker and holds it’s shape and I wanted the necklace to be very structured. Instead of using the flower as a hanging pendant, I went for a more statement look, placing the flower on the side of the necklace and focusing the whole design in the front. Now, this is my first time playing around with these materials so play nice, but my finished product is below!

How it happened:

1. I cut a piece of wire long enough to string the two strands of beads and fit around 1/2 of my neck, with extra room for a clasp.

2. I twisted the wire on one of the petals so that one end was shorter than the other. The shorter side is what you’re going to use to make your top strand of beads, and the longer end you will string the bottom strand of beads and then continue up to the clasp.

3. After I strung both the top and bottom strands of beads, I attached the top strand by simply twisting the end of the shorter wire to the top of the beads on the longer wire, then added an additional bead to make it blend together. This is possible because I was working with thicker wire, but if you have thinner wire or string, you will need to use additional clamps or knots.

Congrats, you have half a necklace!

4. After measuring the necklace and deciding exactly how I wanted the necklace to lay, I cut one more smaller piece of wire and used the same twisting method to attach the wire to the other side of the flower pendant.

Now, for the grand finale.

5. With a super scientific measurement process called “trying it on and pinching the wire where you want the clasp to be,” I twisted one of the ends of the wire around a small clasp, and made the other wire into a loop. You can add fancy clasps or wire on additional rings, but again since I was using thicker wire and I’m a newbie, I opted for the easier route. Maybe one day I’ll get fancy, but today, I’m more than happy to rock this necklace.

The best parts? This is unique so no one else will have it and the entire thing cost me less than $10. Plus, I now have extra wire, clasps and beads to use on another project! : )


Summer Favorites

31 May

Cue The Sound of Music and the “These are a few of my favorite things” song… This week I’ve been working on the always scary project of cleaning out my closet and changing out my summer and winter clothes. I’ve added a few new fun pieces to my summer wardrobe over the past few months and decided to share my favorites in one big post!


The blue jeans on the left are a dark wash boot cut made by Fidelity. They are stretchy, comfy, long, and worth every penny. These are my favorite to wear on days that I have an event after work, because they transition from office appropriate to bar scene very easily! The white jeans on the right are from Marshalls. Even though they are hard for someone like me to keep clean, I love how you can pair them with a simple t-shirt for a casual look, or heals and a blouse for a more formal setting.

Dresses & Skirts

The top left dress is an amazing bright coral color and I picked it up from Francesca’s! It looks cute with heels, flats, boots, with a belt, without a belt, with delicate jewelry, with chunky jewelry, and you get the picture. I love it and all of it’s lacy-ness. The top right dress was a find from Marshalls as well, and goes well with the floral trend right now. It’s slightly longer in the back and has just the right amount of flow to be forgiving no matter how a girl feels that day : ) On the bottom is a black skirt that I’ve owned for a while from Forever 21, but 4 years later I’m still in love! It’s also lacy and also has some tulle for my inner ballerina.


The bright coral blazer on the top is the newest addition to my summer wardrobe and I’m actually wearing it right now : ) I bought it on my Nordstroms shopping trip I planned out here and I obviously got side tracked by it’s beauty. It’s a light weight linen/cotton blend and goes with a lot of my clothing now so I plan on getting a lot of use out of it! Then on the right is another cardigan also from Nordstroms. I just love ’em. Plus, this goes perfect with my floral dress above for a more girly look. Then, last but not least, the blouse on the bottom was a find at Marshalls and is another great piece for transitioning from office appropriate to a party scene. It’s a silky loose material that looks cute with just about any accessory!


My new favorite summer heels! These were also a find at Marshalls and are probably the comfiest heels I’ve ever owned. And that says a lot. They are strappy and wonderful and are also great to go from the office to late night (do you sense a theme here?). Then, to top of any and every look. You’ve got to have some shades! Prevent those wrinkles! These are my new go-to glasses from Marc Jacobs. The aviator shape is a staple and although they were a bit pricey, I’m planning on keeping them for a long time! (Knocking on some wood at this very moment because if I don’t I’ll probably sit on them before the day is over.)

If you couldn’t tell, I love my clothes right now : ) I learned two key tips from my mom recently that have helped a lot! First- Focus on three colors that compliment each other, then, outside of neutrals, only by those colors. I’ve chosen blue, pink and purple, and it really does help you when picking out what to wear (or scrambling to get ready in 10 minutes because you hit your snooze button for an hour… never happens to me, ever) because everything goes together! Secondly, rearrange how your closet is, and often. I’ve experimented with like colors, like styles, business vs. play, and many more. Each time I rediscover how to wear pieces and in turn, have gotten a lot more use out of some things that I almost got rid of! Momma always knows best : )

Cheers to summer!

Jewelry Class

16 May

This week we got to head up to enBeadia for a little jewelry making treat! The second you walk in you are surrounded with strands and strands of beads to choose from. From elegant pearls to tribal-looking beads to pendants of all shapes, sizes and colors, your imagination can’t help but go wild. We were all told to walk around, simply grab what our eyes gravitated to, then lay everything out on a table. It was definitely interesting to see what had been pulled and everything ended up matching each persons personality to a tee. After the grabbing was done and the table was full, we got to experiment with everything and come up with a game plan for our pieces. I chose to make a necklace out of four of the different beads I had grabbed. Surprise surprise they were purple, teal and two different sized blues! Add a few glittery-glamerous-goodness beads and some jewlery wire and I had the start of a necklace!

I was loving the girly pastels, but wanted to add a little edge to make it unique and stand out. So, my eyes drifted to a few silver spike beads, which I decided to place on their own chain so I could wear it individually, or combined with the pastels. With a little help wiring them together, I had my edge!

Put them together, and ta-da! One crazy-girly-tough-sparkly necklace that’s truely one of a kind. Loving statement jewelry right now and I’m excited to wear my creation with so many outfits!

Shopping List

15 May

So here’s my huge dilemma… I have a Nordstrom gift card and don’t know what to use it on! Told you it was big and important. Admittedly I’m not a very good department store shopper, so I love picking out what I want online first. Then, all you have to do is walk in, grab your goods, and walk out. Some may call it man-shopping, I call it genius. So keeping in mind all of the fun new summer trends out there, here are a few items I’m loving and am planning on picking from!

Bright and fun statement bag by Steven by Steve Madden. I’m a big fan of fitting everything-but-the-kitchen-sink in one bag, and I think this may do the trick!

Jean button up by Rubbish. Jean is in! This style of shirt can be worn in so many ways and with so many styles! Keep it simple by pairing it with a pair of trendy colored pants, boho it up by adding layers and a long skirt, or embrace your inner cowgirl by pairing it with jeans in a different wash.

Sandals by Steve Madden and Aldo. A pair of neutral sandals like these could be worn all throughout the summer with almost anything you choose to put on while adding a subtle splash of color. Also fun are these aqua sandals that look comfy and just scream summertime!











MAC make up. I absolutely love their Studio Fix product and wear it everyday. It’s great at hiding those unwanted bumps and evening out your skin tone without looking like you’re wearing tons of makeup. These new eye shadow colors also look like fun and I wouldn’t mind trying these out for an “everyday” look!











Last but not least, jewels! This necklace by Cara Accessories is fun and playful and is perfect for those plain t-shirt and jeans kind of days.  Add this amazing piece and you have yourself an outfit!

Hope you enjoyed my pre-shopping online shopping finds! Now to narrow it down and head to the store…

Dramatic Eyes

2 May

This week I got to splurge a little bit with work and received a makeover from the NARS international makeup team with my boss! It was definitely fun to do something out of the ordinary and extremely girly. My make-up artist was from Texas, was super friendly and got very excited when I told him he could go wild and do anything he wanted. He almost jumped for joy that I didn’t ask for the “everyday-look” and immediately started dancing while shouting “smokey eye smokey eye smokey eye!” So, I really had no choice. I think my favorite part, besides having someone oo and ah and how “beautiful” you look with all your new make-up on, (Thats part of their job description to say that but I don’t care) was the names of the products. They vary from raunchy, to feminine, to demonic, which happened to be what he used on me. Not so sure how I feel about that, but it was very entertaining.

On my eyes, he used Dark Rite, Demon Lover and Ashes to Ashes, while on my lips he used Sweet Revenge. That sounds like one seriously evil recipe for one little face.

My eyes were definitely more dramatic than I’ve ever worn, but I chose to purchase the Dark Rite cream eyeshadow pencil. I’m not sure I could/would replicate what he did for a regular night out, but it’s super easy to use and to blend! I’m excited to play around with it : )

Here’s my new fun product and a picture trying to show his final product!