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Silver Quills

11 Sep

Now that I’m working on the east side of the state (I live about an hour west of Detroit), there are many more fun little shops and hidden-treasure-type-boutiques to explore! One of my moms personal favorites is Silver Quills. It’s a small shop that is owned by a couple who love to pick up goodies from estate and garage sales ranging from fine china, to fun dishes to crafty items. So, while shopping for items for our desks to spruce this office up a bit, we decided to stop in!

It’s definitely a store to leave your big purse in the car for, because it’s cram-packed with breakable goodness. You could literally spend hours looking through everything!

My most favorite things were the baskets of old silver silverware, buttons you could purchase by the scoop, and old keys. It’s basically a DIY crafters dream! The only creepy thing about the store- all of the pictures. I may be missing something, but I’m not quite sure why they would want pictures of deceased people from their head shots, to wedding pictures, to family get togethers, but I’m not willing to look through them or even take a picture to share because it was a bit too much for me. But- if that’s your thing- then those are here too!

Another fun thing is the amount of tea cups they have.

We both ended up walking away with one, because we’re bringing class to the machine tooling world, one cup of tea at a time.

Plus, if we wouldn’t have walked back there, I wouldn’t have noticed this plate. Who wouldn’t want a full set of Presidential dishes? Please try not to laugh. It’s a toughy : )

In the end, I ended up bringing home a small white plate, a decorative cup/bowl, and my tea cup! These will all be a part of our office makeover, which I’ll share soon as well : ) I love the cutouts on the plate, and the cup/bowl has almost a pearl effect on it and changes colors which I thought was very cool!

I’m back in Chicago all week for the IMTS show and apparently the hotel thinks having power is optional so I’ll try to shoot out a few more posts this week if they decide to keep it on! Cheers!


Mani Pedi Fun

6 Jun

Last night I got pampered at a spa with a manicure, pedicure, facial and massage while chowing down on sushi and wine! Work hard play hard. Despite my very¬†embarrassing¬†appointment mix up which I will leave to your imagination, I had a great time and absolutely love my nail colors so thought I’d share!

On my finger nails I tried one of the colors from Essie’s new Bikini So Teeny line, Cascade Cool.

Here’s a shot of the whole collection! According to my nail tech. the blue Bikini So Teeny and the orange Fear or Desire are the best sellers.

On my toe nails I used Essie’s Fiesta. With a name like that my ugly feet are now ready to party.

I think they are perfect colors to start off the summer and turned out great! I also learned that the new trends for this year are actually glitters and neons. Might have to try those next!

Mad (Wo)Man

27 Apr

Happy Friday! In the spirit of all of these advertising shows coming out I just wanted to confirm that while many details are exaggerated, we do drink bourbon. And like it. We don’t drink it out of anger however (at least usually) but we do like to end a long week with a tasty treat! This week has definitely been rough. I’m a new fan of bourbon and it’s taken a bit to get used to, but how can you resist looking so cool in your agency carrying around this glass (sarcasm) (but seriously). Cheers to the weekend and to fulfilling TV stereotypes!