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Silver Quills

11 Sep

Now that I’m working on the east side of the state (I live about an hour west of Detroit), there are many more fun little shops and hidden-treasure-type-boutiques to explore! One of my moms personal favorites is Silver Quills. It’s a small shop that is owned by a couple who love to pick up goodies from estate and garage sales ranging from fine china, to fun dishes to crafty items. So, while shopping for items for our desks to spruce this office up a bit, we decided to stop in!

It’s definitely a store to leave your big purse in the car for, because it’s cram-packed with breakable goodness. You could literally spend hours looking through everything!

My most favorite things were the baskets of old silver silverware, buttons you could purchase by the scoop, and old keys. It’s basically a DIY crafters dream! The only creepy thing about the store- all of the pictures. I may be missing something, but I’m not quite sure why they would want pictures of deceased people from their head shots, to wedding pictures, to family get togethers, but I’m not willing to look through them or even take a picture to share because it was a bit too much for me. But- if that’s your thing- then those are here too!

Another fun thing is the amount of tea cups they have.

We both ended up walking away with one, because we’re bringing class to the machine tooling world, one cup of tea at a time.

Plus, if we wouldn’t have walked back there, I wouldn’t have noticed this plate. Who wouldn’t want a full set of Presidential dishes? Please try not to laugh. It’s a toughy : )

In the end, I ended up bringing home a small white plate, a decorative cup/bowl, and my tea cup! These will all be a part of our office makeover, which I’ll share soon as well : ) I love the cutouts on the plate, and the cup/bowl has almost a pearl effect on it and changes colors which I thought was very cool!

I’m back in Chicago all week for the IMTS show and apparently the hotel thinks having power is optional so I’ll try to shoot out a few more posts this week if they decide to keep it on! Cheers!


Farmers Market

27 Aug

Living in the boonies of Michigan, we’re lucky enough to have a farmers market nearby our home that I got to check out with my mom a week ago! The veggies are absolutely unbeatable, store bought cannot even compare, and there’s homemade crafts and jewelry for sale that got us into trouble as well : )

These sunflowers were so cheerful that I had to take a picture to share.

Then of course there were tons of veggies, including a load of sweet corn out of the back of a pickup truck with an attractive farmer sitting in the bed watching over his spot. Hot-dang. So, I bought some… Well played cowboy, well played.

We also found a veggie we didn’t even know existed- purple peppers that are in the picture above! They were sweeter and softer than ordinary peppers, but were great on a fresh salad!

There was also a booth for Michigan cactus? I didn’t know Michigan was known for their cacti, but we thought it was entertaining and snapped a picture as well.

One of the booths sold organic meats and eggs as well as honey. I thought these honey sticks that were available in all sorts of flavors for your tea were fun!


We spent about half of the time looking through all of the fruits and veggies, and the other half of the time sucked in at a jewelry booth. She had the cutest displays and little magnets with sayings on them! I bought a few things as gifts for certain peoples birthdays that are coming up : )

At the end of the day, we ended up with quite a few purchases! We’ve been enjoying them all week and I’m definitely excited to make a few more visits before the summer is over.


Next year I’m going to convince my mom to start a little garden of our own. We have the land and the sunshine, now we just need to get my step dad to make us a raised bed! I do have to give her mad props though- she’s tried planting herbs for years. And. Always. Fails. They just die on her. She’s tried what seems like everything and then gave up the past few years. But, drumroll please, check out her basil this year! I think it deserves a trophy after her years of struggles. Cheers to the mama, her basil and summer farmers markets!



New Purchase

13 Aug

So, posting throughout my trip did not end up working out, because it turns out that you need service to upload pictures and publish posts! Who woulda thunk it. However, after we got home, I decided to invest in something new and bigger than an iPhone (which is not the easiest thing to post every post on) and purchased a brand new computer! Say hello to my new little toy, my MacBook Air : )


So far, I’m in love. Very confused, but in love. It weighs about three pounds and works! Which is more than I can say for any computer in my possession over the last 4 years. I’m excited to be able to keep up better with the blog and my inter-webs and will be sharing pictures from my trip soon since I’ve been slacking!

Goodnight : )

The Root

11 Jul

Last time I was back in Michigan, my mom, sister and I had a girls day and went thrift store shopping for some tables, and then out to eat at this amazing little restaurant called The Root. My family is on a big buy local kick right now and this restaurant buys almost everything from Michigan, even making most of their drink mixes and sauces from scratch with the local ingredients. Since this was our first time, everything looked new to us already, but they do change up their menu often based on the seasons to keep it fresh and fun. Coincidentally, they’re also big on wines. Score. The food turned out to be amazingggg and we all walked away with very very full bellies. Good thing we weren’t clothes shopping!

We started off with a sparking white wine also from Michigan, I wish I remembered the name of it, but it was delicious!

We started off with some scallops, which went down so quickly that I wasn’t able to snap a picture, but just imagine the best scallops ever, and those are them.

Next, we shared some gazpacho made from green tomatoes and cucumbers. This was definitely my favorite- so tasty and refreshing! I’m going to try to make some myself it was that good : )

We then had a side salad with apples, blue cheese, the most amazing bacon I’ve ever eaten in my life, almonds, and our main dish, the pork served over seared grits. Yum. Both were absolutely delicious and were gone literally 3-5 minutes after they were put on our tables. I think the waiter was impressed at our inhailing-food-skills. Never underestimate 3 hungry ladies.

Surprisingly, we ran out of wine before our main course even came. We’re also very skilled in that department. Just so many talents. Lastly, we decided to order dessert! We had one scoop of Spicers Cider gelato (a local apple orchard), and one scoop of Raspberry Chipotle sorbet. I would go back soley for the sorbet. It was that good.

All in all, this restaurant was definitely amazing, from the food to the decor, and I look forward to going back! It was a great little afternoon out on a patio with my gal pals and I would definitely recommend it : )


26 Jun

Apparently I think I’m a little fashionista lately because I’ve taken retail therapy to a new level. Whether its for me or someone else, I think I’ve shopped more in the past two weeks than I have in months! I have a few big changes coming up and big things stressing me out so I let myself splurge a little bit. Bright side: the therapy is working, and I have some fun new things to share! Please refrain from laughing at the wrinkled clothing (I didn’t have time to iron them before I left for work this morning!) and my MySpace-esk pictures. Especially the ones in the mirror. Until iPhones are created with a self timer this is what I have to work with :)

My latest victim was H&M where I picked up seven pieces all for under $100 :) Slowly feeling less bad already! First, I found this tank top and necklace. I love all things bows and every girl needs some cheetah print so it was perfect! Paired with this light pink beaded necklace or “alien beads” as the checkout guy called them and my fuchsia cardigan to dress it up, and I have myself a casual work outfit!

Next, I had some fun with patterns. I spotted this cotton stretch black and white bird patterned skirt and thought it would be perfect for a little Friday-night-bar-scene outfit. I’ve also been looking for a perfect jean button up, so when I saw this light blue 3/4 length top, I decided it was a great substitute! Pair these two together as well as a necklace that was a gift, and my bar skirt just went and got all classy on me.

Following the pattern theme, I picked up a little strappy flower tank top that could be worn alone, or as a layer. Never be afraid to experiment! I thought it might be fun to mix and match patterns by putting this plaid button up from a resale shop over it for a more casual look, or it could also be worn under my Nordstroms blazer with the H&M alien beads.

Last but not least, I brought home more lace. I love the color of this shirt and the delicate detail on the top so in the bag it went. I also found these not-too-short-not-too-long black shorts that can be dressed up with heels like I’ve done (from Marshalls) or worn with flip flops for a casual look.

So there was my $100 therapy session in a nutshell, which, I just looked up the average price of an hour long meeting with a therapist because I’m crazy like that, and my excursion was definitely cheaper. New clothes are always exciting and I hope you liked them!

Living Room Sneak Peek

6 Jun

So, I’ve been working on my living room for a while now, and after creating my inspiration board, I’m half way there! Here’s a little sneak peek of a few items I’ve found…

I added my art work- The same image from the inspiration board from IKEA worked out perfect!

Found a couple pillows at Target- Two down, who-knows-how-many-more to go.

Added a plum throw blanket, also from Target, to cozy up my uber-lumpy couch.

It’s only a portion of the room, but it’s starting to come together. After a few more additions, I’ll show you how it all ends up!

May Wrap Up

4 Jun

I can’t believe that it’s already June! This blog has been up for a little over a month, so I decided that a little recap was in order. See below for everything that I’ve gotten to write about!

I ate… A lot.

Without burning down the kitchen, I made simple pita pizzas, homemade sushi and throw-it-all-in-one-pot-and-walk-away BBQ crock-pot pineapple chicken. Then, even topped it off with frozen bananas for dessert.

Getting Crafty

I made a lot of progress in my bedroom with my DIY striped curtains, a button covered pillow and scrapbook paper frames. And even managed to fit an office into my room using a simple bookshelf.

Beading tested my patience, but I ended up with a funky summer necklace that I can wear multiple ways!

Lots of Shopping!

I got the chance to play with NARS and Benefit make up products, and had fun planning out my Nordstroms trip.

H&M made a dent in my wallet, and I shared all of my summer favorites from my wardrobe to nail polish.

The Great Outdoors

From summer BBQs, to Relay for Life, and playing on the beach, to planting my very own inside garden, I spent a fair share of my time enjoying the sunshine!

I Wish I Had Him Right Meow

Last but not least, I had the pleasure of adopting my new main man, who I get to officially take home in August. Deke.


Cheers to June and new adventures!