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The Many Shades of Gray

12 Nov

During this office revamp, we decided that we wanted to paint the offices a medium gray color. Who would’ve thought that picking out a (lack-of) color could be such a headache? Only after trying more samples than I’d like to admit, we almost came to the conclusion that the color gray just did not exist. Cue the Mean Girls quote. What we thought was gray, always turned out to be a blue, green or purple once it was on the walls. A true gray was important as the carpet is blue, and we did not want to feel like we were in a bubble. Our final 5 samples to choose from were Behr’s…

Dark Pewter and Antique Tin were only one shade difference and while Dark Pewter came out very blue, Antique Tin was gorgeous! Sadly, too dark for a room with no windows, so, moving on… Millennium Silver was also very pretty, but we decided that it was too blue. French Silver turned blue as well, surprise surprise, but was way too light since our goal was to make the room more cozy. Last but not least, we picked up Timber Town from the 2013 trends collection, and it was our winner! We love how it warms up the room and is a true gray.

For a little before/after action, here was the original color of the room. A light peachy pink literally straight from the 80’s.

In the end, for anyone searching for that perfect shade of gray (inner-child-giggle) my advice would be to invest a few dollars in samples and take your time! We had the colors up on the wall in various places, in various sizes, and next to our current furniture before finally deciding. We were 99% sure of a different color about 3 or 4 times before making our final decision. So, don’t always go with your first instinct. Let it sit in- because you just might change your mind for the better like we did!

I’m so happy with the outcome of our new friend, Timber Town, aka a Girly Machine Tool Gray. Behr may just need to update the name of it. Still to come in the office makeover- office reveal (we got innovative with some tables!), conference room, bathroom, kitchen, hallway and additional offices! Get excited.


Silver Quills

11 Sep

Now that I’m working on the east side of the state (I live about an hour west of Detroit), there are many more fun little shops and hidden-treasure-type-boutiques to explore! One of my moms personal favorites is Silver Quills. It’s a small shop that is owned by a couple who love to pick up goodies from estate and garage sales ranging from fine china, to fun dishes to crafty items. So, while shopping for items for our desks to spruce this office up a bit, we decided to stop in!

It’s definitely a store to leave your big purse in the car for, because it’s cram-packed with breakable goodness. You could literally spend hours looking through everything!

My most favorite things were the baskets of old silver silverware, buttons you could purchase by the scoop, and old keys. It’s basically a DIY crafters dream! The only creepy thing about the store- all of the pictures. I may be missing something, but I’m not quite sure why they would want pictures of deceased people from their head shots, to wedding pictures, to family get togethers, but I’m not willing to look through them or even take a picture to share because it was a bit too much for me. But- if that’s your thing- then those are here too!

Another fun thing is the amount of tea cups they have.

We both ended up walking away with one, because we’re bringing class to the machine tooling world, one cup of tea at a time.

Plus, if we wouldn’t have walked back there, I wouldn’t have noticed this plate. Who wouldn’t want a full set of Presidential dishes? Please try not to laugh. It’s a toughy : )

In the end, I ended up bringing home a small white plate, a decorative cup/bowl, and my tea cup! These will all be a part of our office makeover, which I’ll share soon as well : ) I love the cutouts on the plate, and the cup/bowl has almost a pearl effect on it and changes colors which I thought was very cool!

I’m back in Chicago all week for the IMTS show and apparently the hotel thinks having power is optional so I’ll try to shoot out a few more posts this week if they decide to keep it on! Cheers!

May Wrap Up

4 Jun

I can’t believe that it’s already June! This blog has been up for a little over a month, so I decided that a little recap was in order. See below for everything that I’ve gotten to write about!

I ate… A lot.

Without burning down the kitchen, I made simple pita pizzas, homemade sushi and throw-it-all-in-one-pot-and-walk-away BBQ crock-pot pineapple chicken. Then, even topped it off with frozen bananas for dessert.

Getting Crafty

I made a lot of progress in my bedroom with my DIY striped curtains, a button covered pillow and scrapbook paper frames. And even managed to fit an office into my room using a simple bookshelf.

Beading tested my patience, but I ended up with a funky summer necklace that I can wear multiple ways!

Lots of Shopping!

I got the chance to play with NARS and Benefit make up products, and had fun planning out my Nordstroms trip.

H&M made a dent in my wallet, and I shared all of my summer favorites from my wardrobe to nail polish.

The Great Outdoors

From summer BBQs, to Relay for Life, and playing on the beach, to planting my very own inside garden, I spent a fair share of my time enjoying the sunshine!

I Wish I Had Him Right Meow

Last but not least, I had the pleasure of adopting my new main man, who I get to officially take home in August. Deke.


Cheers to June and new adventures!

Office Renovation

30 May

For anyone who has actually seen how small my apartment is, I hope that title makes you either confused or laugh. After shopping for my living room accessories I talked about here, I determined that my hopes of incorporating my computer into the living room was not very realistic due to space and the fact that it’s a shared living room with my roommate and I. So, I improvised! Project “office renovation” is much smaller than it sounds, but with small spaces, you have to get creative. In my bedroom, I have a tall bookshelf that matches a smaller three drawer dresser from IKEA. Throughout college and until last weekend, this shelf has held my many, many, sweatshirts and jeans (college dress code and essentials of course), a small tv, craft supplies, a larger than life jewelry box and many more fun odd-ball-dust-bunny-collecting things. Since I have limited space now, I wanted to put it to better use and actually make it functional, not just storage. I started by emptying everything off of the shelves, then sitting and staring with a glass of wine in hand (the usual).

Then, dun dun dun dunnnn! I decided it would be my office meets storage meets pretty spot. I adjusted the shelves so that my laptop would sit at a perfect standing height, then played with the heights of the remaining shelves below it so that I had room for my files and craft supplies. After sitting all day long at work, I have no problem standing here to work on my laptop, but, I may look around for a taller barstool that I could place beside the unit to use whenever I work from home. Here’s the final result!

Break it down now… Nananananana Na Na Na. After adjusting the first shelf for my computer, I wanted to add some type of bulletin or dry erase board for notes and reminders. I already had a larger frame that I was not using from Target and decided to turn that into a custom and colorful dry erase board. The glass surface is perfect for the markers, and you can customize it by adding fabric or paper where the picture would typically go.

I chose to use light colored scrapbook paper so that you could clearly see the notes written with the dry erase marker, and made a quilt type pattern that matched the colors in my room. I simply cut the 12″x12″ pieces of paper into four 6″x6″ pieces using a craft knife and taped the pieces together to eliminate them sliding around.

Put it all together, hang it up (I used a small picture nail) and you have yourself a personalized memo board. I added a pen holder which was a small pot from the $1 section of Target, and a pink cash box, also from the $1 section of  Target, which is the perfect size to hold little items like tape, a small stapler, paper clips and white out. Stacked a few cute papers for notes and wham-bam-thank-you-mam I’m ready to work.

The shelves below it I adjusted to hold my smaller items: blank cards, notebooks and spare papers, followed by a shelf for my file box, scrapbooks and photo albums, and last but not least, a basket to hold mail, papers, CDs and binders on the bottom.

On the top of the unit, I placed a decorative box that I had gotten from Marshalls a while back, and filled it with the remainder of my craft supplies such as paints, stickers and fabrics.

So there you have it. My office renovation. I’m excited to put the shelf unit to better use and to have a place to work! And, apparently, after looking at my pictures, the dry erase board also serves as a mirror. Bonus : )