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Tailgate Season

7 Sep

…makes me so insanely excited! Happy Friday! Today I woke up to the most beautiful sunrise and one of those put on a fuzzy sweater, grab a cup of coffee and sing your heart out on your way to work kinda day. The first song that came on the radio when I turned my car on was Kenny Chesney’s Boys of Fall too. So, therefore, it was meant to be. Then, once I got into work and started my morning (looked at my email and Pinterest) I saw all of these great tailgate recipes from other blogs that were “recommended” to me. Well done, Pinterest, well done. So- in order to spread the urge to drool over all of this goodness, I wanted to share them with you!

From How Sweet It Is- 135 Recipes for Football Season

  • I seriously don’t even know where to start with this list- it all looks soooo amazing. I will definitely be trying one (or ten) from this list asap.

From Cooking Classy- Carmel Cheesecake Apple Dip

  • How easy and delicious does that look! And with apples? It’s practically healthy : )

From Simple Provisions- Homesick Toast


  • Avocado- sold! Would be very perfect for tailgating on smaller bread or crackers as well! And- it’s pretty too : )

Now I just have to get busy cooking! Going to need the energy to cheer on my MSU Spartans (GO GREEN! Beat them Chips!) and my Detroit Lions! Maybe a little more energy for the Lions than the Spartans, but who could complain when you have great food and a cold beer in front of you? Not this girl.


Random: Can NOT stop thinking about the coaches speech in Grease the movie today. It’s making me laugh out loud at random times which makes me look like a crazy person. Good thing I only work with family. Safe : )


The Great Outdoors

15 Jun

It’s almost the weekend! After having these last few weeks of warm weather, reminding us that summer is officially here, I so badly wish I had an outdoor space! Somewhere to hang out on a Saturday afternoon, sit around a bonfire when the nights get chilly, or enjoy a glass (who am I kidding- bottle) of wine after a long day at work. In the meantime, I’ve decided to start saving pictures of amazing outdoor spaces and items for inspiration for that day that my outdoor dreams come true. Here are a few of my favorites all from Better Homes and Gardens!

The first and most important thing: Greenery! I love being surrounded by nature and feeling that cozy-back-to-the-basics feeling. Plants, bushes and flowers are a must. I also love the cute pots with the chalkboard square! I’d love to have a garden some day where I can grow everything I eat, but these are a very cute way to display herbs!

Going along with the gardening theme, I came across this simple yet stunning idea for a centerpiece. I love the colors and would love to have something this beautiful on my own outdoor table!

Next up, I love me some lighting. Bring on the tiki-torches, the strung lights and the outdoor chandeliers. I can see it now. These lanterns with colorful candles are super cute! They would brighten up the space while bringing some natural light into the space. I’ve seen lanterns on sale for around $2 that could be easily painted and used for this!

There are soooo many beautiful pictures to go through, but this one definitely caught my eye! I can see how this patio would turn some people off. It’s close to neighbors and lacks that privacy that many people are looking for. I love that the designer took that as a challenge and built the beautiful fence wall with crawling vines to make the space more intimate. I’m also in love with those pillows and box planters and would absolutely love for this patio to be attached to my apartment. Right. Now.

Now, for a little fun. I personally don’t even care if I’m in my 20’s, I would love to live in this play house. How cool is this?! It was made from leftover materials used on the actual house on the property so it cost the owners basically nothing to build. All it’s missing is a “No Boys Allowed” sign.

Other items on my future outdoor space include a hammock, a huge outdoor couch/seating area with a big cast iron table, a great big barbecue grill, fire pit, tons of pillows, and one day, a beautiful view of a lake with my speed boat waiting at the end of the dock with a full cooler and nothing but blue skies. Snapping back to reality… I’m going to head out and make the trek back to Michigan for a few days for some fun! Cheers and have a great weekend!

Flower Necklace

8 Jun

Happy Friday!! After my first jewelry making class, I’ve been thinking of ways I could make pieces at home as well, and this week I finally got my butt up and went to the craft store to look around! First, I found a large flower pendant that was fun and summery, and then ran across some light girly pastel pink beads that complimented the style I was going for. I have a lot of harsh and darker necklaces right now, so I wanted something youthful and summery that would compliment my wardrobe. I also picked up a strand of dark silver beads, some wiring, and clasps to finish the job.

I chose to work with 24 gauge beading wire because it’s thicker and holds it’s shape and I wanted the necklace to be very structured. Instead of using the flower as a hanging pendant, I went for a more statement look, placing the flower on the side of the necklace and focusing the whole design in the front. Now, this is my first time playing around with these materials so play nice, but my finished product is below!

How it happened:

1. I cut a piece of wire long enough to string the two strands of beads and fit around 1/2 of my neck, with extra room for a clasp.

2. I twisted the wire on one of the petals so that one end was shorter than the other. The shorter side is what you’re going to use to make your top strand of beads, and the longer end you will string the bottom strand of beads and then continue up to the clasp.

3. After I strung both the top and bottom strands of beads, I attached the top strand by simply twisting the end of the shorter wire to the top of the beads on the longer wire, then added an additional bead to make it blend together. This is possible because I was working with thicker wire, but if you have thinner wire or string, you will need to use additional clamps or knots.

Congrats, you have half a necklace!

4. After measuring the necklace and deciding exactly how I wanted the necklace to lay, I cut one more smaller piece of wire and used the same twisting method to attach the wire to the other side of the flower pendant.

Now, for the grand finale.

5. With a super scientific measurement process called “trying it on and pinching the wire where you want the clasp to be,” I twisted one of the ends of the wire around a small clasp, and made the other wire into a loop. You can add fancy clasps or wire on additional rings, but again since I was using thicker wire and I’m a newbie, I opted for the easier route. Maybe one day I’ll get fancy, but today, I’m more than happy to rock this necklace.

The best parts? This is unique so no one else will have it and the entire thing cost me less than $10. Plus, I now have extra wire, clasps and beads to use on another project! : )


May Wrap Up

4 Jun

I can’t believe that it’s already June! This blog has been up for a little over a month, so I decided that a little recap was in order. See below for everything that I’ve gotten to write about!

I ate… A lot.

Without burning down the kitchen, I made simple pita pizzas, homemade sushi and throw-it-all-in-one-pot-and-walk-away BBQ crock-pot pineapple chicken. Then, even topped it off with frozen bananas for dessert.

Getting Crafty

I made a lot of progress in my bedroom with my DIY striped curtains, a button covered pillow and scrapbook paper frames. And even managed to fit an office into my room using a simple bookshelf.

Beading tested my patience, but I ended up with a funky summer necklace that I can wear multiple ways!

Lots of Shopping!

I got the chance to play with NARS and Benefit make up products, and had fun planning out my Nordstroms trip.

H&M made a dent in my wallet, and I shared all of my summer favorites from my wardrobe to nail polish.

The Great Outdoors

From summer BBQs, to Relay for Life, and playing on the beach, to planting my very own inside garden, I spent a fair share of my time enjoying the sunshine!

I Wish I Had Him Right Meow

Last but not least, I had the pleasure of adopting my new main man, who I get to officially take home in August. Deke.


Cheers to June and new adventures!

Pretty Digits

4 May

Spring/Summer is officially here! Time to pack away those gloves and let your nails become part of your fabulous outfit! I am guilty of owning entirely too many nail polish bottles, but I can’t help it, they’re all so pretty. I always try to pick colors that will compliment while they contrast the colors that you normally wear on a day-to-day basis, so that you always look completely put together (or at least most of the time!). I’m a huge fan of pastels for finger nails, and I’ve pulled together some of my favorites from my collection. It’s definitely a modge podge of brands, but a good top coat and even inexpensive nail polish brands can look like a million bucks! My current finger faves…

Essie- Ballet Slippers & Lilacism

Forever 21 Love & Beauty- Mint & Periwinkle

Rimmel London- Steel Grey

For toe nail polish, I like to keep it brighter. They do all the heavy lifting and dirty work, so they deserve something bright and cheery. Faves from my collection are…

Forever 21 Love & Beauty- Lavender & Bubble Gum

Savina: Dream

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: Racey Rouge

Massini: Power Pack

Right now I’m wearing my newest addition to my collection, Da Bush, by Essie, and I think it looks great! It goes well with a lot of my outfits and has lasted over a week without chipping. Score!

I’m also loving the current trend of adding an accent nail. Anything with sparkles and I’m sold. It is a fun way to spruce up your look for a very minimal cost. From a classic red, to a bright blue, nail polish is about having fun and completing your look. It works with every single style of dress and one-size-fits-all. Can’t beat that : )

Mad (Wo)Man

27 Apr

Happy Friday! In the spirit of all of these advertising shows coming out I just wanted to confirm that while many details are exaggerated, we do drink bourbon. And like it. We don’t drink it out of anger however (at least usually) but we do like to end a long week with a tasty treat! This week has definitely been rough. I’m a new fan of bourbon and it’s taken a bit to get used to, but how can you resist looking so cool in your agency carrying around this glass (sarcasm) (but seriously). Cheers to the weekend and to fulfilling TV stereotypes!