About Me

Me: I’m a mid-western dwelling girl with a passion for advertising, media and corny jingles! I love exploring new & affordable fashions, DIY decorating & crafts, recipes and anything you can possibly do outdoors.

The blog: Random. I love to write about everything from clothes, design, experiences, relationships, and maybe even the weather if I feel like it. I recently made a huge life change and went from working in the fancy world of advertising for a large agency in Chicago, to helping my families machine tooling business back in my homeland of Michigan. I started this blog in order to do something just for me when I was living in the city. An outlet and excuse to get a little more creative than usual and write about it! Now being back in Michigan, it’s a little harder to keep up with. So, I’ll post as much as possible until my life get’s back to “normal” and I have some more “free time.” Whatever those two things are…

I love messages! Contact me at: abrandnewseason@gmail.com

Peace out girl scout <3


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