Mirror Mirror

11 Nov

For the last two months, I’ve been working on a much needed update to my families machine tool shop, and my new place of employment. It’s finally to a point where I can share some of the progress! A lot of them involve paint colors and removing an obscene amount of trash and old furniture from the building, but let’s start off with something more fun. This post ruins a bit of the paint color reveal, but it’s just too pretty to keep to myself. To start- the bathroom was a bright yet light lime green color, and there was a brown/gold/spider-web colored plastic mirror hanging on the wall.


Interesting enough, this mirror, which is now in style and available at many stores, was left there with the original building and they only had it hung up because it was there to begin with. An example of how styles come back : )

But, the old guy needed an update. We thought about using a bright red for a pop of color, but in the end decided on a more glamorous route and picked up a can of Aluminum spray paint for $3.50. There are pops of silver throughout the bathroom, so in the end everything will look clean and put together.

With a good cleaning, and some painters tape and card stock paper in place to protect the mirror, I started spraying! Two coats later and the mirror was complete. Just FYI- It also makes you look like the Tin Man if you get it on yourself. Hence my hand.

I have to say, I’m absolutely obsessed with the outcome. It makes me want to play the Queen in Snow White and ask it who’s the fairest of them all. The men in the shop may not appreciate it as much, so it’s a good thing they have their own grungy bathroom up front : )

A fun and simple update anyone can do with an existing piece for a measly $3.50!


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