Road Trip: The Final Chapter

21 Aug

Welcome back to the month long vacation recap. Ending now! We left off leaving South Dakota and making our way back through the midwest to Minnesota. So, after passing back over the lovely Mississippi River, we made it to our campground! It was a beautiful little family owned place on the water. We couldn’t have gotten any luckier with our campsites so far!

The first day we were there, we took in part of the littlest brothers hockey camp, which was the second main reason for the trip.

The next day, we headed into Wisconsin to try to find my mom’s old cottage. The last time she had been there, she was around my age. Very weird to think about! I’ll save the pictures since we technically walked up to someone else’s house and rang the doorbell and were technically trespassing. But it was definitely fun to see her old stomping grounds from her cottage to a local hole in the wall bar, to an old country club her and our grandpa used to golf at together.

The rest of the days we spent hanging out at the lake. Enjoying some amazing sunsets, fishing, sitting around bonfires, getting some kayaking in, and reading! I finished Nicholas Sparks Safe Haven, which was amazing and surprising and I’d definitely recommend it! I mean in the end it’s Nicholas Sparks, so you know it’s going to be a dramatic love story, but they’re all so good!

Our last day in Minnesota we spent at the rink for the little brothers end of camp scrimmage. It was pretty cute to watch- every detail was set up from the lit up H to spotlights to a dynamic announcer, even a smoke machine was set out. The boys got really into it and even though his team lost by one point, it was fun to see!

At the end, all of the kids got to hold up the “Stanley cup” which they all huddled around to hold. Little man brought some strategy to it and waited for the end so he could skate around with it which we all loved so we could get a cute picture of course!

And that’s it! We drove our little butts home all the way to Michigan after a pit stop to see family in Wisconsin, and right before getting home, we stopped at a little German restaurant outside of our town. Because what better way to end an American road trip than by eating German food and drinking German beer? Got to love my family : )

Prost! The end! I did it! Finally!


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