Road Trip: South Dakota Adventures

21 Aug

Welcome to the “We love America so we decided to drive half way around it” marathon. This has only taken a month, no big deal. Today, we’re going to wrap it up and move on to new things! I’m excited. So… we left off where we had just made it to South Dakota. Finally. Now for the fun stuff- all of the things we saw!

We woke up bright and early the first morning and with only two days to play, decided to make a game plan. Day 1: Crazy Horse, Mt. Rushmore, and visiting the cute town of Custer nearby our campsite. Day 2: Horseback riding through the mountains, the badlands, and head to Montana to meet up with the boys!

Heading to Crazy Horse we noticed that there was a lot of cute places to pull off on the mountains to view what we could only imagine were beautiful views. So we decided to test that theory and try it out. Ta-da! We were right. I’m borderline obsessed with the wooded area we had to walk through there- so clean and untouched looking!

The views were spectacular. I can imagine if you had enough time you could stop at every single one of them and be amazed each and every time. Unless you don’t like mountains. And then in that case you should probably keep driving : )

Next, we headed to our original planned destination- Crazy Horse! If anyone heads there, I’d recommend watching the 20 minute movie they play on repeat, because it really makes the process and the thought behind creating the great monument make more sense. The most amazing thing I took away from it was that it has been a work in progress since 1948 and this is what it looks like as of now…

The original sculptor hired to take on the project has sadly passed, but he left all of his plans and a smaller scale sculpture of what the final product will look like with his wife, and 7 of his 10 (yes 10- insane!) children who are carrying on his life’s work. Here’s what it will look like once complete…


Now how’s that for a work in progress? Here’s a side by side shot to show it as well…


Crazy (Horse) right? Buh-dum-chh. For scale as well, all four faces that make up Mt. Rushmore can fit into the side of his head. This thing was enormous!

Next, we hopped into our RV and kept on trucking to the main attraction of the day (and my sisters year/decade/life) Mt. Rushmore! Entering into the park was a little funny to be honest. You drive all this way, the there it is, right in front of you. Just sitting there. All of the flags were fun to look at and we of course captured good ol’ Michigan’s.

And, drumroll please… Ta-da!

Gorgeous! What hunks. Literally they were huge! Now, not that the trip and views weren’t fantastic and something to remember for the rest of my life, but my most favorite moment of the entire trip was winning the Detroit Red Wings Fan of the Day contest online! We’re hugeeee hockey fans and even bigger Red Wings fans. So this was pretty amazing : )

After that excitement, we moved on to the little town of Custer. I loved all of the shops and we had fun trying some new beers and cuisine!

Yes, that beer is called Buffalo Sweat. South Dakotians love their buffalo. So therefore I love them. And weinie-mobile? We take pictures of them everywhere we go- apparently our family had a hand in building the first ones so we’re pretty proud. And odd. Moving on to day number 2!

Waking up in the morning and going horseback riding is highly recommended. We had a blast and it was very pretty! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves : )

Last but not least, we headed to the Badlands! I’ve never seen anything like it- it was definitely amazing! Almost a mini grand-canyon that went on for miles.

And that ends the South Dakota portion of the trip : ) Next up- Minnesota, the final chapter! Took me long enough! Sheesh.





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