Road Trip: The First Leg

14 Aug

Okay, so this is long overdue, but I’ll try to put all of my pictures and vacation recaps into this weeks posts! Much easier than a daily vacation post, but that’s what these tests are for! Also, I wish I could video tape this so that my crazy cat lady street cred went up higher, but meet my new blogging partner, Deke (+4 lbs from his last picture) who is absolutely fascinated with the clicking of the keys and watching the words move across the screen. He probably knows how to use this beast new computer better than me anyhow.

Back to the purpose of this post… welcome to the first part of our RV vacation, circa 2012. The first leg of the trip took us from Michigan to South Dakota, where we saw a few amazing landmarks and spent our first 4 1/2 days! First, to recap, we left. Crazy, right?

Now that we have that reestablished, here’s a few snapshots of life on the road, and the amazing views we saw on the way, especially when getting into the mountains! First off came the construction. It was everywhere. No work no play.

The first night, there was an amazing sunset that I maybe snapped 20 pictures of. I’ll save you the hassle and show you two fun ones : )

This night, we drove until 4am and then slept at a rest stop with all of the truckers until 7am. We were too excited so it wasn’t too bad. But thinking about it now makes me tired! The next morning we actually got into the mountains and saw some of the amazing rock formations along the road…

What was great, is that despite all of the mountainous terrain, it was clear that this was farm country, and that make the views that much more pretty!

We got to see the M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i River, and realized how far away we were from civilization and cities when this was our only option for a gas station.

Our first big adventure was experiencing being a storm chaser in a top heavy RV. Coming across South Dakota you can see miles and miles of flat farmlands, which means you can see miles and miles of crazy storms coming your way. Well, we saw a storm, and when none of the locals or other cars bothered to pull off the freeway, we decided to truck right along with them. This was a mistake because we ended up on the side of the road hoping that a small hill would somehow shield us from the weather. Let’s just say we’re surprised that our RV was not on it’s side, and our windshield was not broken. 80 MPH WINDS. No biggie. It was exhilarating and nerve racking at the same time! None of my pictures really capture the true anger in the sky, but this one was pretty neat… This river was once a road. And that happened to be the road we were driving on.

The most amazing part of the day? The sky’s after the storm cleared…

Then of course, us being girls, we got lost. In the mountains. Going around 10 mph turns on a skinny windy road on a mountain. In an RV. In the dark. At least the sunset was pretty!

Then, finally, after failed GPS directions and hardly any cell service, WE MADE IT TO OUR CAMP! We celebrated. With lots of beer and then passing out. Please reserve your judgement on these next two pictures. This is how beautiful you look after 30 hours of driving and sleeping in a trucker stop.

The only one missing from pictures thus far is our baby girl pup Ruby. She wasn’t too keen on being a camper at first, but now, she’s one happy camper away from being in the obnoxious family from the movie RV.

I’ll leave you with that for now for the sake of picture overload. Next up: The big attractions we drove all those crazy hours for!


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