Roughin’ It

18 Jul

I recently came across this posting thanks to the ever lovely Pinterest, and I absolutely love it! Everyone should take the time to enjoy traveling and amazing food. Make some memories!

I love traveling and although my budget and schedule does not allow me to go on big fancy trips to amazing places right now, that doesn’t mean I can’t get out there! I recently went “camping” with my family in Onstead Michigan and had an amazing time! Camping is in quotations and this post is titled roughin’ it because what we did was the furthest thing from that, while still being on an actual campground. Growing up we’ve always experienced staying in a tent in a sleeping bag, rain or shine, and making food and coffee over a fire that you had to start yourself (or maybe with a little help from my friend the lighter fluid) with a stick you found in the woods. That eventually evolved into an air mattress and a grill, which has now turned into a full on RV with TV, shower, internet, a fridge, beds and the whole shebang. I’m still not 100% sure how all of the girls on the gypsie shows raise a family in them, but oh my goodness they are nice.

I only was able to stay for 2 days because I had to get back to Chicago, but the first night I was there we all set up…

… then rewarded ourselves by sitting around a big ol’ campfire. This picture makes me so happy. Typical boys, not wanting a picture and drinking, and then my sisters, looking fab and posing. The little things : )

If you noticed, the fire wasn’t exactly booming at this point. So, thanks to a nifty blow torch (was not kidding about having everything) we got it roaring. Our philosophy- if it burns, if it looks like it burns, or if it looks like it might do something cool when it burns, throw it in.

After we got that bad boy going we started dinner! The CORN?!? (we love Austin Powers, sorry for that visual) experts got to shucking, and the girl master dad grilled up some amazing chicken! Add some of grandma’s pasta salad and now we’re camping! It was dark by the time we started eating, but it tasted amazing.

Following the buy local trend my family is on, we tried out two wines that were recommended that are made in Michigan! I’ve always liked red more, but they were both great! With names like Nice and Virtue I almost felt better about myself after drinking it. Separate from the alcohol confidence.

After dinner we just sat and stared aimlessly at the fire which is oddly therapeutic, and played a few games of euchre. Night number one- complete!

The next morning I got woken up at 7am by a certain little brother who just couldn’t wait any longer and had to go fishing. Right. Then. To my surprise, with strong coffee’s in hand, we walked down this tree-lined path to discover this amazing little pond and dock! It almost made me forget it was 7am.

The little man fished for two hours and complained that wasn’t enough. Kids.

I think my favorite part was his intense cast. I swear, his stance and the way he whips that thing makes it look like it’s going to fly, yet with only one worm and one sinker on the line, the furthest he got was 25 feet. To him that was far enough though to “catch a 3 footer” so all was good.

10 minutes was spent with this huge worm. Boys. He was fascinated at it’s size and could not stop cracking up. So of course, sister took yet another picture.

If you noticed as well, he is all boy- Does not even stop to change his clothes from the night before. Got to love him. Anddddd after an hour of waiting, he got one! Not quite his 3-footer, but we ended up with four of these little guys that got thrown back and I’m happy to report- they all swam away once put back in the water.

While the bro was fishing I sat back and enjoyed the view! The pond and the sunrise was so beautiful, and one side was covered in these pretty little lily pads.

The rest of the day we spent in the woods and on the beach. The view from our campsite was amazing and such a refreshing shade of green after being in the city.


I’m not sure what it is about the woods and making little boys turn wild and run around like they’re an animal themselves, but it sure is cute. I’ve also observed a common trend with sticks. If it’s little, walk past it, if it’s huge, pick it up and run around with it, if it’s absolutely un-pick-up-able, repeatedly jump over it. Here he is with the wind up eying down that log.


Next the girls got to pick the adventure and we headed to the beach to catch some rays. A great way to end our mini vacation on a relaxing note! After this we packed up our little happy camper selves and made our way home : )


Almost forgot- our mascot for the weekend! The happiest camper there ever could be. Our main girl Ruby looking like a pro. And yes, that is a rug that you put over dirt and her food bowl does match. We are so stylish.


The end! Hope you’re enjoying little summer vacations as well! Whether you rough it hardcore with corn or sip champagne on a plane to somewhere fantastic, I think there’s definitely truth in the Eat Well Travel Often mantra that everyone can make a part of their lives : )


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