Busy Busy Bee

17 Jul

Slacking. Once again. So sorry! I barely have time to breathe with moving, wrapping up two years of a job in one week which means cramming a months worth of work into three days, packing, more packing, driving, more driving, saying my goodbyes, work events, hours of staring at Excel and PowerPoint, being sick, and on top of all the commotion, I’m expected to shower, dress for work, eat and sleep. I will not mention which one I’m lacking right now.

So, in effort to keep up with the blog in some shape or form throughout this, I thought I’d share my happy place, Happy Gilmore style. Right now, it’s even working. Maybe Adam really knew what he was talking about!

My happy place is on the water. Always has been and I hope it always will be! Add a sunset and I’m a goner.Here’s a picture from the last time I was at my grandparents house out on their boat watching the sunset right before the fireworks show for the holiday. If zen, peace and the worlds most expensive therapy could be combined, that’s what I feel like when I’m out there! So for now, I’m printing this picture and putting it next to my desk. Hopefully it helps and I can get my stuff together and share some of the fun stuff I’ve been working on!




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