Boats and Beers and Fireworks, Oh My!

10 Jul

I have some very big news! I’ll officially be moving back to the great mitten, Michigan, in a week and a half. So, I thought it would be fun to post about a boat cruise that I went on a couple weeks back where you can find the best views of the city! We started off by waiting at the docks, clearly super ugly and we weren’t excited at all.

Once we got in the boat and out on the water, we were fortunate enough to see an amazinggg sunset, and it made the city that much more beautiful!

I was with my co-workers, as I am what seems like every second of my life, but that’s okay because they’re awesome : ) So we sat back, enjoyed, and had some drinks! The boat crew were not exactly to best bartenders (my co-worker asked for a vodka soda, and they returned with vodka and what looked like tap water and tasted like things she couldn’t even fully put into words) so we stuck with some good ol’ beer and posed for a photo-op : )

Next, we got to see fireworks being shot off a barge! I’m borderline obsessed with fireworks, and definitely obsessed with being on a boat. So, I was in heaven.

Then came the grand finale! One of my favorite parts was my co-worker dancing shouting and pointing and naming the fireworks with his drink in hand at the big display. Quite entertaining and too inappropriate to write down here.

After they were over, we took a little drive around Navy Pier all lit up at night.

I honestly thought we were going to crash into the pier. We were insanely close, and yachts don’t exactly shift directions very fast. But luckily, we didn’t! And we enjoyed a little ride home looking at the city lights : )

Now I’m off to do the amazing Architectural Tour I’ve heard so much about! Got to get all these things in before I leave the big city : )


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