26 Jun

Apparently I think I’m a little fashionista lately because I’ve taken retail therapy to a new level. Whether its for me or someone else, I think I’ve shopped more in the past two weeks than I have in months! I have a few big changes coming up and big things stressing me out so I let myself splurge a little bit. Bright side: the therapy is working, and I have some fun new things to share! Please refrain from laughing at the wrinkled clothing (I didn’t have time to iron them before I left for work this morning!) and my MySpace-esk pictures. Especially the ones in the mirror. Until iPhones are created with a self timer this is what I have to work with :)

My latest victim was H&M where I picked up seven pieces all for under $100 :) Slowly feeling less bad already! First, I found this tank top and necklace. I love all things bows and every girl needs some cheetah print so it was perfect! Paired with this light pink beaded necklace or “alien beads” as the checkout guy called them and my fuchsia cardigan to dress it up, and I have myself a casual work outfit!

Next, I had some fun with patterns. I spotted this cotton stretch black and white bird patterned skirt and thought it would be perfect for a little Friday-night-bar-scene outfit. I’ve also been looking for a perfect jean button up, so when I saw this light blue 3/4 length top, I decided it was a great substitute! Pair these two together as well as a necklace that was a gift, and my bar skirt just went and got all classy on me.

Following the pattern theme, I picked up a little strappy flower tank top that could be worn alone, or as a layer. Never be afraid to experiment! I thought it might be fun to mix and match patterns by putting this plaid button up from a resale shop over it for a more casual look, or it could also be worn under my Nordstroms blazer with the H&M alien beads.

Last but not least, I brought home more lace. I love the color of this shirt and the delicate detail on the top so in the bag it went. I also found these not-too-short-not-too-long black shorts that can be dressed up with heels like I’ve done (from Marshalls) or worn with flip flops for a casual look.

So there was my $100 therapy session in a nutshell, which, I just looked up the average price of an hour long meeting with a therapist because I’m crazy like that, and my excursion was definitely cheaper. New clothes are always exciting and I hope you liked them!


2 Responses to “Fashionista”

  1. Naomi June 26, 2012 at 2:38 pm #

    Everything you bought is so pretty!

    • jodieevelyn June 26, 2012 at 2:53 pm #

      Thank you! So many cute affordable things there it was hard to choose : )

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