Copy Cat Pt. 2

25 Jun

Happy Monday! After last week, I’m hoping this week goes a lot smoother! Turns out being stressed and sick at work don’t mix. So, after lots and lots green tea, sleep and HGTV, I’ve become a little stir-crazy. Now I want to take a sledge-hammer to my walls to make my apartment open concept, put up wallpaper, and paint my ugly kitchen cabinets white. However, I don’t think my landlord would quite  understand that I felt inspired and went for it. So, instead, I’ll show you a more dainty project as my second copy cat project so far!

Last time I posted about an Anthropologie DIY frame, and this week to build on that collection I decided to make a vase. I fell in love with this vase and of course wanted to take it home, but took it on as a challenge instead! Here’s the original Curvy Chrysanthemum vase in all of its beauty:

As a matter of fact, all of the vases in the collection are beautiful!

In order to recreate this particular look, I used a vase I already owned that came with a bouquet of flowers, and picked up some glass high gloss paint and sealer.

I used a foam brush to minimize streaks, and went to town! I chose to paint the outside of the vase and seal the paint so that I can use it for flowers in the future, but if it’s for decoration purposes only, then painting the inside of the vase turns out beautiful as well!

While the first of my three coats was drying, I moved on to my clay.

I played around with a few different options, and here’s the flower that I ended up with! I started by rolling out the clay into a flat rectangle and cutting it into equal pieces. After you separate them, fold each edge over slightly in order to heavy up the clay for your flower petals.

Then, flatten out the folded clay into two petals (there should be one on each end) and stack them together to create your flower. I also added a few smaller round pieces to the center to give it a little more pizzaz. After your creation is complete, bake the clay according to the directions listed! It will come out… looking exactly how it did when you put it in : ) While my clay was baking, I added my second and third coats of paint to my vase.

After the flower cooled, I added some left over silver paint to add some shine.

Lastly, I sealed the paint on the vase and flower and glued them together using standard super glue. Here’s the finished product! What do you think?

It goes great with my last copy cat project and only cost me around $5 to make! I love the colors and can’t wait to display a beautiful bouquet in it : )


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