Festival Season

7 Jun

It’s here! One great thing about Chicago summers is all of the festivals that the city, neighborhoods and charities put on. This past weekend I rode the L up to Lincoln Square to experience Maifest and had a blast! Maifest is a German festival that features beer (of course), traditional German food, long shared tables covered in traditional patterned coverings, festival games for the kiddies, and a lively Oom-Pa-Pa German band to polka to.

I enjoyed two, larger than life Hofbrauhaus Original beers, and later went to sit at a rooftop bar to sample two kinds of sausage, sauerkraut and bread. Needless to say, I ate/drank two days worth of calories in one afternoon and then took a longggg nap. But, I worked out before I went, so they equal each other out, right? Most likely not, but it sounds good to me.

Germany also happens to be the only place I’ve visited in Europe and I absolutely loved it! Festivals like these always bring back those fun memories and let you experience different cultures and traditions. Being out in the sun on a nice Saturday with friends and great beer doesn’t hurt either : )

I’m definitely looking forward to many more festivals this summer and can’t wait to make it a routine thing!


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