Triple R Long Weekend

24 May

This weekend I took a NATOcation from Chicago to get away from the craziness and spent a long, amazing, perfect weekend with my friends and family in Michigan. I got to be involved in an amazing celebration, a Relay for Life race, with my closest girl friend to honor her amazing mother. Although staying up for 24 hours and walking for about half of them was a minor struggle, it was definitely worth it and I hope everyone has the chance to be involved in something so inspiring and rewarding. We walked, we played football and tailgate games, we ate (side note- I tried a deep fried Oreo- YUM), we laughed and we celebrated! So many good stories I could share, but one of the things I loved the most was making the luminary bags in remembrance of those who have passed on. All of these bags are placed on the outside of the track and are illuminated with a candle. The luminaries span the entire track and everyone participates in a walk at dusk. We all made a different letter to celebrate Kathleen and once it was all put together, it resembled a stained glass window and the candles looked amazing once lit!

The bleachers were also utilized and different words were formed using more candles spelling out things such as hope and cure for everyone to see throughout the night.

Another amazing part was releasing the lanterns. Everyone wrote a hello or personal message and let the lanterns go all at once! It was amazing and comforting seeing them float up into the sky and off into the night.

Before we knew it, the sun was coming up to start a new day. Good morning relay-ers : )

The rest of the weekend I spent with my family working on setting up the deck for summertime, and then taking part in a little R&R with a bottle of wine to enjoy our hard work. All of us sisters have our own Middle Sister wine and they fit us to a tee! This Drama Queen was my younger sisters bottle although she denies it : )

Top it off with a girls golfing trip and my long weekend is complete! A little snippet of my mom’s swing. Watch. Out. She means business. I almost feel bad for the golf ball.

So there was my amazing three R’s weekend: Relay, Rest & Relaxation. Cheers!


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