Friends with Benefit

17 May

This week I got to play with another make-up brand, Benefit! I absolutely love the pink and white color scheme of the decor, as well as all of the fun packaging that their products come in! We were lucky enough to be able to choose one service of our liking, and then received a full make up lesson and got to pick our favorite products, all done with a glass of wine in hand. I ended up having my eyebrows shaped (Not so glamorous but I’m obsessed with eyebrows. Weird, I know.) while many people got lash tints or spray tans. I have to admit, if you get the chance to get a lash tint, I’d definitely recommend it for summer! It’s fool proof for the beach and swimming because make up or no make up, it always looks like you have mascara on which brightens up your eyes. Boom. So easy. After that, I had my make up done, and the artist chose to do a classic look focusing on my eyes. I love the simplicity of the color, Birthday Suit, and the little wing at the end of the liner. She used a black liquid liner which I have personally never been able to master, but it was a fun and different look for me!

Now the best part… products! I chose the eye cream because it was light and airy and left your eyes feeling cool and refreshed. Would definitely recommend! Plus, everyone and their mom says to start using eye creams now, and that we will thank them later. I think I’m going to follow their advice because I have a sneaky feeling that if everyone’s saying it, it’s true. I also chose a bronzer/blush called Dallas. Besides the completely adorable packaging, it went great with my skin tone (vampire pale with freckles) and is going to be perfect for all seasons. Packed it all up in a perfect girly bag and I was on my happy little way.

So there was my make up and fun night out with my new friend, Benefit : )


2 Responses to “Friends with Benefit”

  1. thechroniclesofnyla May 18, 2012 at 9:48 am #

    That’s quite a steal! I want to try Benefit’s products! :)


    • jodieevelyn May 18, 2012 at 10:27 am #

      They have very cute stuff and everyone was so friendly and fun : ) Definitely recommend!

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