Jewelry Class

16 May

This week we got to head up to enBeadia for a little jewelry making treat! The second you walk in you are surrounded with strands and strands of beads to choose from. From elegant pearls to tribal-looking beads to pendants of all shapes, sizes and colors, your imagination can’t help but go wild. We were all told to walk around, simply grab what our eyes gravitated to, then lay everything out on a table. It was definitely interesting to see what had been pulled and everything ended up matching each persons personality to a tee. After the grabbing was done and the table was full, we got to experiment with everything and come up with a game plan for our pieces. I chose to make a necklace out of four of the different beads I had grabbed. Surprise surprise they were purple, teal and two different sized blues! Add a few glittery-glamerous-goodness beads and some jewlery wire and I had the start of a necklace!

I was loving the girly pastels, but wanted to add a little edge to make it unique and stand out. So, my eyes drifted to a few silver spike beads, which I decided to place on their own chain so I could wear it individually, or combined with the pastels. With a little help wiring them together, I had my edge!

Put them together, and ta-da! One crazy-girly-tough-sparkly necklace that’s truely one of a kind. Loving statement jewelry right now and I’m excited to wear my creation with so many outfits!


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