Cute as a Button

8 May

After hanging my new curtains featured here and sitting back and enjoying the view with some wine, I decided that I wanted to play with my sewing machine more! In order to bring the room together, a new accent pillow for my bed was a must. I had an old pillow from IKEA from college that fit the colorful and bright dorm scene very well, but did not go with anything I currently have in my apartment. So, in true DIY fashion, I decided to make a fun cover and recycle what I have!

I started out by using quilters squares (I LOVE using these. They are perfect for so many projects and are inexpensive!) in a fun white/gray/black swirl pattern and cut them into two rectangles the size of my pillow. Yes, the non-recommended retractable tape measure is back.

I then sewed three of the sides together, right side facing right side, leaving one of the smaller sides open. Flip that bad boy inside out, and you should have the starting point for a pillow cover! Before putting the pillow into the cover, I wanted to add some glam to make the accent pillow stand out. Since I’ve been collecting buttons for years, I wanted to put them into good use and thought this would be a great project to do so! I was also lucky enough to have a grandma who did the same thing, and who loves me enough to pass hers on to me : ) So, after using leftover white material from my curtains, I cut out a strip that I sewed onto the front of my pillow case, creating a small canvas for my button design. Sewing on all of the buttons took a bit of time, but I love how unique and personal it makes the design!

Now, once your cover and design is complete, it’s time to put the pillow into your creation, and complete your project! If your pillow is in a high traffic area such as a living room, you may want to explore using a zipper to close off the remaining side, allowing for easy removal and washing. Since mine was just going to sit pretty on my bed, I chose to sew the remaining side using a hidden stitch. To do this, make sure you flip your material in so it looks just like the three other sides of your cover. Then, pin the two pieces together, and sew together, making sure to only put your needle through the inside/top of the material. If you do everything right and don’t sew the outside of the fabric, you should have a stitch that to an average person, looks just like the other three sides done by a machine! Tip: Make sure not to pull too hard while sewing, this can cause the material to bunch!

I still need to straighten out a few lumps to make it look more even, but ta-da! One custom accent pillow, ready for bed. I’m working on one more simple project for my room, and as soon as it’s complete, I’ll post how everything ties together!


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