Dramatic Eyes

2 May

This week I got to splurge a little bit with work and received a makeover from the NARS international makeup team with my boss! It was definitely fun to do something out of the ordinary and extremely girly. My make-up artist was from Texas, was super friendly and got very excited when I told him he could go wild and do anything he wanted. He almost jumped for joy that I didn’t ask for the “everyday-look” and immediately started dancing while shouting “smokey eye smokey eye smokey eye!” So, I really had no choice. I think my favorite part, besides having someone oo and ah and how “beautiful” you look with all your new make-up on, (Thats part of their job description to say that but I don’t care) was the names of the products. They vary from raunchy, to feminine, to demonic, which happened to be what he used on me. Not so sure how I feel about that, but it was very entertaining.

On my eyes, he used Dark Rite, Demon Lover and Ashes to Ashes, while on my lips he used Sweet Revenge. That sounds like one seriously evil recipe for one little face.

My eyes were definitely more dramatic than I’ve ever worn, but I chose to purchase the Dark Rite cream eyeshadow pencil. I’m not sure I could/would replicate what he did for a regular night out, but it’s super easy to use and to blend! I’m excited to play around with it : )

Here’s my new fun product and a picture trying to show his final product!


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