…Bring May Flowers

30 Apr

So this weekend I successfully made the trip to The Home Depot and purchased the goods for my flower project! I absolutely love roaming hardware stores, even though every worker and guy in the store asks me if I need help or looks at me like I’m lost. I do happen to know my way around a tool bench though so I don’t care. A girl can play with tools too, ya know? Anyways- After doing my research, I roamed the aisles looking for my items! I knew I wanted to mix a bright color with a green accent plant, and use pots that would match my current decor. Here was my final shopping list and how it all turned out!

Plants: Fuchsia, Gerbera, Spikes & Polka Dot

Goods: Potting soil, small stones, plant food & a pretty planter

First, I started off by putting about 1-2 inches worth of small stones in the bottom of the planters. Since they did not have holes on the bottom, it’s important to add the stones so that the water has somewhere to drain, and is not harming the roots of your little flowers. (Notice my gardening bench- a curb. A free donation from the lovely Chicago.)

Next, I poured in my potting soil and planted two plants per pot, making sure the soil and the pre-potted plant were level. I chose to buy pre-potted plants instead of seeds because of the lack of resources I have in my apartment, and for simplicity. Since this is my first time with interior plants I wanted to make it as easy as possible! For pot number one, which I also picked up on my shopping trip, I used the Gerbera and the Spike (label said “Weather Proof” so I interpreted that as “Hard to Kill Me” and I was sold.)

The second pot I had bought at a garage sale years ago, but it matches perfectly with the theme! I planted the Fuchsia and the little Polka Dot plant together using the same method.

Last step: Feed the little guys! I’m trying out this inexpensive food by Miracle-Gro for now and will see how it works!

Ta-da! Finished! My little windowsill garden is complete. A little height, a little leafy-ness and some of my favorite flowers. Definitely brings a pop of color into the space and some life into my home. Now I just have to remember to water them… Cheers!


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