April Showers…

26 Apr

It seems like it’s been raining for days here! The sun finally decided to show it’s lovely face today and I felt like I was being blinded. The rain has reminded me, however, how much I miss gardening, the smell of flowers and roaming through all of the beautiful gardening stores around this time of year! I grew up on 3 acres of woods, yard and landscaping so I miss my families and my springtime rituals. Especially since my small city apartment doesn’t exactly provide those same luxuries. I do feel like flowers and growing life not only brighten up a space, but brighten up your mood and bring positive energy into the world. So, I’m exploring different ways of bringing these things into my life! My favorites have always been daisies and lilies, but here are a few good tips I’ve found that I’m hoping will prove successful! I may even get crafty and post some fun DIY planters I’ve found… Get excited.

Best plants: Recommended plants include shade-loving leaf plants such as ferns, annual flowers (make sure they love shade as well and are not known to attract bugs such as magnolias- who would want that mess in a studio apartment!) and you can even experiment with veggies and herbs if you’re feeling crazy.

Where to plant: For people lucky enough to have a rooftop or balcony in their apartment or condo, make sure you take full advantage of that space! Just be sure to map out which areas receive the most sunlight and shade so you can plan accordingly. Also keep in mind that these spaces can be very windy, so keep your plants safe and living by providing a shelter made of glass, or keep the green theme going by adding a screen that vines can crawl up on. If you do not have an outdoor space for your new babies, make sure you have adequate windowsill space for sunlight or consider a hanging plant.

Make sure you read how big your plant will grow to be, so you can make sure to plant it in a pot that can handle it’s size and roots. Strictly indoor plants will be slightly smaller with less volume, but plan for the max size to be safe in case your thumb is greener than expected : )

Reminder for all indoor plants: water carefully, fertilize appropriately, and check regularly for unwanted pesky pests (say that 10 times fast)

I’m going to be experimenting with this project over the next few weeks and will let you know how it goes! If all else fails… Expect a post about my fool proof garden. A cactus & rock garden with a kick ass planter.


Just a little color inspiration below from a recent trip to a beautiful Chicago garden!



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